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❓What can families do when their beloved pet falls ill and they can not afford medical care❓ Our mission is to provide care and homes for homeless dogs. But what if we can change the equation entirely and keep these pets at home?

Bella and Loki have pet parents that loved them more than anything. But all families can go through rough patches, or pets can get ill suddenly or have an accident. What's important is we have all relied on family and community to help us get through the rough times. Our primary mission at Live Love Animal Rescue will always be to save the shelter dog, the street dog and the dogs at risk. This program helps keep families together and keeps beloved family pets from ever entering the shelter system. We can't think of anything more beautiful than that. Can you support this program and help us give a helping hand to Loki, Bella and all the loving families just like them? 

Live to Rescue. Love to Care. 

Live Love Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization based in Long Beach CA that rescues homeless animals by providing them the necessary medical care, allowing for physical and emotional rehabilitation, finding them their perfect forever homes, and showering them with love throughout their journey with us.

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